Cherished Bible

Where to begin?

If you could give your child one gift in life, what would it be? A good education? A new car? We have been entrusted with the most awesome opportunity in life. Jesus Christ commanded us to go throughout the whole world and share the Gospel with everyone. That means our family, friends and those in distant countries. There are no borders when it comes to God’s Word.

There is a desperate hunger for the Truth of the Cross in Guatemala. People have very few physical comforts. Life is hard. They wonder “where is the hope? Has God forgotten us?” He certainly has NOT forgotten them. He loves them, created them and desires for each of them to be in fellowship with Him. How can they believe if they have not heard? How can they hear, unless someone goes to speak? How can they speak if they have not been sent? The Bible clearly says that we are to go and share the Word.

Pastor Juan with Brad

A case of 24 Spanish Bibles $60. We need your help to purchase the Bibles we want to take. Pastor Juan is the man we will be working with. He has a church with local people. He is a man “on-fire” for Christ. He can use these Bibles for community outreach. Bethel also uses the Bibles in their wheelchair distributions. Many people see the love of God manifested in the gift of a wheelchair. They open their hearts to Christ. What better gift to give a new believer than the “Word that Saves!!!”