Let your peace rest…

In Matthew 10, Jesus sends the disciples out to gather the lost sheep of Israel. He tells them to take no money, no extra clothes or sandals. In each town they are to search for a worthy person and stay a their home. Give it their blessing. If the home is deserving, “let your peace rest on it.”

Being back in Tecpan, we are with worthy people. We may be staying at a hotel, but the people treat us as if we are staying at their home. It’s good to be back here. We are among friends…we are among family!

Everyone’s flights went well. All the baggage made it here. We made the drive to Tecpan and met up with the guys who have been here for a couple of days. Last year we were the only ones here at the hotel. Now there was a wedding going on. Very pretty. We were kidding around with Brian that since he is a photographer, he should go over , start taking pictures and blend in with the crowd and get some free food. He didn’t do it.

We got all of our donations unpacked and organized for the week. It feels good to have guys like Bill here who are very organized and can focus on tasks like packing the bags again for the week ahead.

We then headed to dinner for some good food and great fellowship. Well, the food actually tasted good, but I had a little scare. Rick was telling me that Google Translate will let you hold your camera up to anything like a menu, and it will translate it. Well, I heard Rick talking about the different meats listed in Spanish. I used Google Translate. Guess what was listed, “Manatee Meat”. Ben said they did have them here in Guatemala. Rest assured, it was actually not Manatee. I opted to get something different, like steak! I guess Google Translate can’t get everything right. It was a cool app.

After dinner, Pastor Juan and his family stopped by. We gave them the gifts we had for them. It was a wonderful time of catching up. We heard of struggles going on in lives, success in school and continued love for Jesus. This truly is an amazing family where everyone loves Jesus with authentic faith. We love them all so much!

Well, I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow we will install a stove, visit some families and go to church. We will end the night with the special church fiesta. I just hope there’s no Manatee meat!

Dios te Bendiga, Brad

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  1. this blog made me a laugh i’m glad you didn’t eat the manatee meat because guess what i’d never forgive u for eating my favorite animal. i’m glad u have a good guy to keep u organized and on task. thank u for helping people down there who need it. it makes me happy you have such a big heart for where i come from. i pray everyday for you and the team. miss you lots dad!

  2. Fun to see your group! Wonderful that you got to see Pastor Juan and his family too. Praying for all of you and the people you encounter this week. We love Guatemala!


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