On the Way 2019

We are all on the way for another year in Guatemala. God has been so good to us over the build up to the trip. I always wonder whether we will reach our fundraising goal. The number is big. I always have to remember, “Our God is BIGGER!” Thank you to everyone who donated this year. You have made it possible for us to go and serve the people of Guatemala.

It is the highest honor to go and share the Name of Jesus with the people we meet. For many, it may be the first time they hear it. For others, distant but familiar. But, there are those who have been crying out to God for help. Pleading for relief from physical or spiritual challenges. Many have no mobility. They have been kept inside a home for all of their life. They are often seen as a burden because they cannot care for themselves. So, they are left alone, often times developing bedsores that lead to infection. Others have families that they cannot financially provide for. Jobs are hard to find, so the idea of providing a safe place to sleep at night is unreachable. Then there are those locked in spiritual darkness, unable to see any “Light”. All of these people need one thing above all things…Jesus.

We will give 50 wheelchairs that will literally change people’s lives. For the first time, they will be able to move on their own. We will build a house for one family. They will no longer sleep on a dirt floor at night. They will have a bed and blankets and a concrete floor. For those in darkness, they will hear the Name above all names. The One they have been calling out for. The One who has heard every cry, and seen every tear.

Rick, Tom and Brian left from Iowa and Wisconsin on Thursday. They went down early for a second year to work in the wheelchair shop and spend time with the Bethel staff. An extra surprise was the guys getting to help unload the container sent from the USA. I have to admit, I have always been a little intimidated with the idea of unloading one. I have crammed, pushed and stuffed many of them, not knowing what fate would await the person who first opened the door. Well, Rick did not report any massive injuries, so I guess all went well. Tom Ballinger’s son-in-law Brian Slawson is with them. He is a professional photographer. I am sure he will capture many special moments this week. He has a drone with him. Should be cool!!!

Bill Wagner, Jeff Thompson and I are all heading out from Florida, Ohio and Kentucky. We are excited to get there today and begin the week with Bethel.

Please check back each day. My goal is to always have a new post every morning. At times I may make an extra post, but our days are crazy. I hope you will pray for us. That is the most important thing we need. Pray for the pople we will meet. Pray for their hearts, minds and bodies. Pray for the men on the team. Pray for our strength and minds. Pray that we face each day knowing that God is good, He is in charge, and that ALL things work together for our good and His Glory!!!

Dios te Bendiga, Brad

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  1. So exciting! Love that they were there for a wheelchair delivery! Prayers for a safe and healthy trip and that those you encounter see and hear ‘ the hands and feet of Jesus’. Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. i cant wait for another year of reading your amazing blogs dad. reading about how your day went and what u did makes me so happy. knowing that your helping so many people come to know Christ and providing them with what they need truly makes my heart happy. i will pray for all of the guys on the team, for your safety, and for your hearts.

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