Giving Wheelchairs Rick and Tom fitting woman for new wheelchair

In America, it’s easy to take our mobility for granted. If someone needs help, most can get help through insurance or government programs. In Guatemala, that’s not a choice most can make. The disabled are either kept inside of the home, or are left to literally drag themselves through the streets. Bethel Ministries International works directly with the people who need the gift of mobility.  Click here to read more

Helping People Local families receiving help

We’re to spread the Gospel, and be the hands and feet of Jesus around the world.  Go where He sends us…help those who are in need.  Does God answer the prayers of those who cry out?  Absolutely!  He can use each one of us to help alleviate the spiritual and physical suffering around the world.  We must do our part by “answering the call to service”.

Building Homes

As you can see from the picture, many families live in homes that are substandard. Homes like this are usually makeshift places of metal, cardboard and plastic. They have dirt floors, and the roof usually leaks. While you may have some form of shelter, you are never completely out of the elements…especially when it rains! After we complete the project, the family truly ends up with a “home”. It has a door that will lock, windows for ventilation and an ONIL stove to cook on. They can go from barely having a roof over their heads, to raising their children in a place they can have pride in. The children can eat, sleep, study, laugh and play in their new “Casa”.

Installing Stoves Family with new ONIL stove

In Guatemala, most people burn an open fire inside their house.  The smoke causes breathing issues, but also eye problems, such as cataracts.  People spend a lot of time searching for wood.  The ONIL stove uses 70% less wood and is vented outside the house.  We can install them for a very reasonable price.  If you know of anyone that would like to sponsor an ONIL Stove, please let me know.  These stoves change people’s lives dramatically!!!