In America, it is easy to take our mobility for granted. If we, or someone we love needs help, most are in a position to get help through insurance or government programs. But, in Guatemala, that is not a choice most can make. The disabled are either hidden inside of the home, where they cannot be seen or cause trouble, or are left to literally drag themselves through the streets. Bethel Ministries International works directly with the people who need the gift of mobility. Bethel Ministries International relies on volunteers in America to collect used wheelchairs from hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes and individuals.  Those chairs are then shipped to Guatemala, where the staff of Bethel refurbished the chairs and distributes them for free to individuals in need.  Many on the staff at the wheelchair shop are disabled themselves, and Bethel employs them at a very good living wage, providing hope and opportunity for their families. You can help in three distinct ways:
  • Donate financially to help sponsor the cost of a wheelchair ($170).
  • Come to Guatemala for a week with a team of volunteers and help give the chairs directly to the disabled.
  • Help collect wheelchairs in your local community (learn more at Mission:Mobility)
Mission Mobility Video