Poem – 1

Dave is in my men’s Bible study group.  He regularly writes poems.  If it doesn’t start with “Roses are red, violets are blue…” I probably can’t write it.  But, Dave truly does have a talent.  I love his perspective.  He looks at life, the situations we encounter and writes with ease.  I am going to post three poems today, and then at least one a day after:   Baptize them In purified agua That for a moment They might be cleansed And find themselves in awe Of Your bounty and grace Sometimes the path to You Oh Lord Cascades down the mountain Follows the valley’s winding course Father, when you find them At the water’s source Let them drink From this humble well Share in the good news Of fresh water with all who thirst Until in Your name Their cups runneth over Dear Lord Let Your love flow As water from this well…  

Poem – 2

Where two or more Find their way Through open door To gather And worship in Your house The paint scheme The layout The floor Fade into the foot of the cross On this sacred ground Unfinished yet unblemished In Your name The blessing of fellowship Sparkles in every eye Flows like worship Off the end of every tongue Heaven’s path May be paved in gold But those roads Winding through all of eternity Are built on cinder blocks, Dusty floors, And the sweat and toil Of God’s faithful and humble Salt of the earth Christians  

Poem – 3

I saw heaven today Cupped in a little girls Tiny hand Tender and innocent In a far away land Under her fingernails The dirt kicked up as Jesus Carried my sins Up the hill to Calvary Her hands Make the world Feel small And kind And now she gets to thrive on solid ground In a warm Dry Comfortable world Her memory of me will fade But as for little Anna I will never forget her

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