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I need your help for Guatemala fundraising for 2022.  This has been yet another difficult year for people around the world.  While life in America has still been challenging, life for the people of Guatemala has not improved at all.  Despite the challenges, Bethel Ministries International continues their work in Guatemala.

The Challenge

Before COVID-19, life was already hard for people in Guatemala.  Poverty was a daily reality.  No jobs, no food, no hope.  Since COVID, life has gotten so much worse.  Charity organizations were prevented from visiting people for a very long time.  People were literally kept in their homes with no opportunity to get food or help. While most travel restrictions have been lifted, many volunteer teams have not begun traveling to Guatemala again.  Bethel relies on teams to raise money and sponsor projects. With very few teams visiting, fundraising has been critical for Bethel.  They need our help more than ever. God will provide for their needs through individuals, families and churches believing in what they do, and giving to support those causes.  God opens people’s hearts, and then they feel led to give in whatever way they can.  It would be very easy to push this need aside.  Write it off as “not the right time in your life”.  I can’t stress enough how urgent the need is in the lives of the impoverished and disabled…and for Bethel Ministries International.  They desperately need your help.  They need your support.  Now is the time!

You Can Help

So, here are the ways you can give:
  1. Wheelchair distribution – $8,500 (50 chairs @ $170)
  2. House – $3,720
  3. Bunk beds – $3,000 (construct 10 @ $300)
  4. Stove installs – $2,200 (10 @ $220)
  5. Bathroom install – $700
  6. Kitchen construction – $550
  7. Wheelchair ramps installed – $500 (2 @ $250)
  8. Tabletop stove and gas tank – $200
  9. Elderly support – $1,620 (12 months @ $135 – Food, eggs, propane)
The wheelchair sponsorships are so critical.  Not only does a disabled person receive a wheelchair, but also offsets the cost of the staff in the wheelchair shop, providing much needed employment and benefits.  Many of these Bethel employees are disabled themselves. The elderly support continues to be for our dear friend Lucy.  We have visited her several times and she is in a very fragile medical condition and needs life-sustaining food, and propane to cook.  She is such a joyous person.  She loves to sing and share hope with anyone she meets.  Bethel visits her monthly to give aid and check on her.

The Trip is Different

This is the second year I’m raising funds for projects but will not be able to go down in person to do the work.  Due to the travel uncertainty and not wanting to risk taking COVID to the disabled in Guatemala, I’m coordinating with Ben and Emily Mooney once again to use these funds for the specific projects I am raising donations for.  I truly want to go, but the cautious thing is to allow Bethel, who is already on the ground there, to use the funds.  I have the highest trust that Bethel will use the funds as we desire.   I’ve been working alongside Bethel since 2009.  They are my friends.  They are family.  This year, they took photos of the people and projects and gave us detailed feedback on where all the money was spent.  These are unusual and uncertain times in air travel.  All money I would have personally spent on airline tickets, in-country expenses such as hotels and food, I am sending to be used for donations.  I have every intention of traveling down to Guatemala in the future.  It breaks my heart not to personally go.  I think this year has shown us how quickly things can change. Please consider supporting these projects. I can’t do this alone.  I need your help to make these projects a reality.  Christmas and the surrounding Holidays are times where people are the most generous.  Please share this need with your friends and family.  I truly need your help.

Two ways to give

  1. Write a check and mail to my house and I will send to Bethel.  Make your check payable to Bethel Ministries International (or BMI).
  2. You can give online at our GoFundMe campaign.  They do charge a 2.9% processing fee (You can opt out of their “tip” option to keep your fees the lowest).  All donations made by check to BMI or at GoFundMe are 501c3 tax-deductible.
Ultimately, all the support we give to Bethel will be used to bring glory to God and make an eternal and physical impact in the people’s lives.  I pray you will consider giving this year.  Please tell others.  People do want to help, they just don’t know how or where to start. Dios te Bendiga, Brad

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