Going to Guatemala

I’m so excited to announce that for the first time since 2020 we are going to Guatemala in-person.  The travel restrictions have been lifted and we’re finally able to make the journey to Guatemala.

The Team

We have our team of men assembled.  We are from three states and two countries.  Bill, Oliver and Noah are from Florida.  It will be great to serve alongside Bill again, and having his two sons there will be very special.  Dave, Matt and I will be coming from Kentucky.  This will be the first time for Dave and Matt to work with Bethel.  We will be installing a safe water system from that Matt works for New Life International.  It will be great to have another UPS Pilot going this year.  Dave and I work with each other in the A300 Training Department.  And, we have Alberto who is originally from the Dominican Republic but currently lives in Honduras.  Having his translation and mission experience will be a huge blessing.


Most of our projects will be similar to past years.  We will build a house, install ONIL stoves in homes, distribute 50 wheelchairs and visit families who are in need.  Our wheelchair distribution will be in Chichicastenango.  Getting to meet the people who will be receiving the chairs and actually helping fit them for the chair is an honor.  It’s a truly rewarding day.

Process has begun

We have been fundraising.  If you are in the position to help, we would truly appreciate it.  Please click here to DONATE Please check back for more updates as we get closer.  As in past years, I will blog from Guatemala each day to keep everyone updated on all God is doing. We leave in one month!  I can’t wait!!!

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